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Paul Gauthier, PhD

Co-FOUNDER, Chief Science officer

Paul has spent his career studying and working with plants as a plant physiologist, and is responsible for the plants and R&D at Kêr Farms. He grew up in Brittany, France where he developed a special taste for organic and fresh flavorful food, earned his PhD at the University of Paris Sud, and has worked for over six years at Princeton University studying the response of plant carbon metabolism to light. He developed a vertical farming program in collaboration with Hopewell Elementary School that Kêr Farms will expand to other schools, helping them getting the support they need to teach food production, farming and healthy eating.


Aaron Blades

Co-FOUNDER, Chief Operating Officer

Aaron leads business operations for Kêr Farms, having spent his career in finance. He has always loved gardening, cooking, eating, and everything having to do with food, and is particularly interested in the potential for indoor farms to create jobs and equitable access for all communities to high quality food.


Helen Corveleyn

Helen is a STEM educator with 20 years of teaching experience in K-12 Science Education.  Her passion is environmental advocacy and inspiring young people to become environmental stewards who can communicate scientific ideas and promote innovation in science and sustainability. She is the STEM Facilitator for Hopewell Elementary school and  Director of Gardens which includes a large outdoor and indoor hydroponic garden to support their extensive Farm to School Program.


Chris Regini

Chris Regini is a STEAM educator who empowers students to build skill sets that make them future-ready problem solvers. With a degree in physics from the University of Connecticut, he has spent 15 years in the Half Hollow Hills school district dedicating himself to changing the way students experience science. Chris’ students are producers of technology instead of mere consumers. 3D printing, stop animation, augmented reality and social media are among the tools that he uses to change the dynamic of how students learn. As a Raspberry Pi certified instructor, he incorporates physical computing and IoT automation to introduce computational thinking into the science lab. He believes in broadening the lens through which his young learners view the world and has created a collaborative global classroom in which his students have lab partners on four continents.


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