We grow plants and produce food for local communities - we’re farmers at the cutting edge of innovation. Our mission is to grow food and also employ, educate, and support a vibrant farming culture that contributes to healthy and sustainable communities.

Kêr Farms was founded in August 2018 by Aaron Blades, Chief Operation Officer, and Paul Gauthier, Chief Science Officer, with the aim of empowering local communities by helping them producing quality fresh food right where they live.

What’s a vertical farm?

At Kêr Farms, we use hydroponic technology and LED lights to grow plants indoors. The hydroponic system provides the nutrients and the LED lights provide sufficient energy for plants to grow. Since we stack them vertically, we can produce food in neighborhoods and cities that would never be able to support large-scale agriculture.



We can grow, year round, plants that are usually seasonal.


Our food is freshly picked for you and transported only a short distance. The result? Fresher produce with a greater flavor and no pesticide.


Using hydroponics in a controlled environment lets us create an optimal place for plants to grow, shortening growing periods, and increasing yields.


Vertical farms allow urban communities to grow fresh food year round. Stacking layers of plants increase yield per foot square reducing the need for space - you can build one just about anywhere!