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The weather’s always perfect at Kêr Farms.

We’re indoor farmers growing pesticide-free food locally.


New Jersey strawberries in February?

It’s more than wishful thinking.

Kêr Farms (sounds like ‘care’) is an indoor vertical farm.

Our talented farmer-scientists ensure that the right mix of nutrients is delivered to each plant every day, the light is always bright, and the temperature is balmy.

Given perfect conditions, our plants grow quickly and with maximum flavor.

Pesticide free

All of the plants grown at Kêr Farms are completely pesticide free. Strawberries are at the top of “dirty dozen” lists due to high levels of residual pesticides. No crops grown at Kêr Farms, not even strawberries, are sprayed or treated with pesticides. With only light, nutrients, and time, our plants are happy - we can tell by their fruit!


We offer food that people want to eat year-round. Our crops are grown locally, no cross country or international transport required. We allow our crops to fully ripen and deliver them soon after harvest, meaning that our products taste of summer year-round.

Peace of Mind

Our food is local, easily traceable, and has been freshly picked for you. You can rest easy knowing exactly where your food came from, and that our farm is only a few miles down the road.