Kêr Farms

Our Story

Kêr Farms was founded in August 2018 by Aaron Blades, COO, and Paul Gauthier, CSO (Chief Science Officer), with an aim of empowering local communities by helping them producing quality fresh food right where they live.

Paul Gauthier, PhD, has more than 10 years working with plants and studying them from cells to ecosystem. Paul grew up in Brittany, France where he developed a special taste for organic and flavorful fresh food. He studied at the University of Paris Sud where he obtained a PhD in Plant Physiology (the study of how plants respond to their environment and how they grow from seeds to plants) in 2010. He studied plant metabolism and their response to drought, nutrients and light since then. Before starting Kêr Farms, Dr Gauthier worked for over 6 years at Princeton University where he studied the response of plant carbon metabolism to light in the context of ecosystem modeling. In collaboration with Hopewell Elementary School, He developed a school program in Vertical Farming that Ker Farms aims to expand to many other schools, helping them getting the support they need to teach food production, farming and healthy eating.


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